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Site-ul care vă permite să știți unde și când să mergi în vacanță: găsiți vreme adaptată activităților pe care doriți să le faceți și bugetului dvs., toate în funcție de luna în care alegeți să călătoriți. Și este complet gratuit!

Unde și Când, este un algoritm unic și performant care analizează starea vremii și condițiile meteo sezoniere normale, costul vieții și prețul biletelor de avion pentru a vă spune unde și când să mergi în întreaga lume, în cel mai bun moment, în mod obiectiv (datele decid clasamentele, prin intermediul ofertelor comerciale!).

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Despre Unde și Când

Bine ați venit la unde-si-cand.net, ghidul global de călătorie care vă spune când și unde să mergeți în vacanță!

Analizând datele meteo (temperatură, precipitații, umiditate, plafonul de nor, etc.) de-a lungul câtorva ani, am dezvoltat un algoritm pentru a determina cele mai bune momente pentru a merge în mai mult de 7.000 de orașe din întreaga lume. În plus, oferim explicații clare și precise despre vremea din diferite țări și orașe. Deci, dacă vă întrebați despre vremea din următoarea dvs. destinație, veți găsi un răspuns de încredere și documentat.

De asemenea, ați putea dori să mergeți în vacanță, dar fără o destinație în minte. Deci unde-si-cand.net va fi foarte util pentru dvs.! Dacă știți luna în care doriți să mergeți, vă vom oferi o listă cu cele mai bune destinații pentru o vreme bună garantată! Putem răspunde definitiv la întrebarea unde să mergem în noiembrie, august sau aprilie! Aveți un continent în minte pentru vacanța dvs.? Nici o problemă, vă ajutăm. Deci puteți afla unde să mergeți în Franța în aprilie sau unde să mergeți în Europa în noiembrie.

Do you want to go on vacation without breaking the bank - or at least planning your budget? The travel budget section lets you know the cost of living around the world and calculate your travel budget for free!

How to choose your travel destination?

Whether it's a weekend, a week, or a month, choosing where and when to go on a trip isn't easy. The success of your stay depends, in fact, on certain factors such as the activities to do, the climate, the budget, the distance or even security. So how do you choose the right travel destination? Here are some answers.

Identify activities to do during the holiday's

Knowing what interests you is a good start to choosing where and when to go. So ask yourself some questions about the purpose of your trip:

• Recharge one's batteries in peace and calm

• Go hiking and reconnect with nature

• Observe the animals in their natural habitat

• Meet a remote ethnic group and live with the locals

• Going as a couple to rekindle passion

• Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation under the sun and taste the pleasures of the beach

• Look for the best waves for surfing

• Make a cultural discovery

The choice of your destination must take into account the possibility of practicing or not your favorite activities. Even if there are destinations rich in tourist attractions, it is rare to be able to do everything in one place. Find destinations that best meet your expectations.

Determine the budget allocated to the trip

For a successful stay, you need to determine when and where to go on vacation, based on your budget which includes several expense items such as transportation costs, daily expenses, accommodation and catering.

The price of transport is not to be overlooked. Find out about the cost of transportation for the outward and return journeys. Like plane tickets, which are fairly significant expense items, especially if you are traveling with your family. The further away the destination of your choice, the more exorbitant the cost of transportation can be.

Choosing the cheapest flights will let you know when to go on vacation on a budget. You should also inquire about daily expenses. Thus, in Martinique, you will find major brands of the distribution which offer general goods and consumables for everyday life. But considering the distance, you have to be prepared to pay 20% more.

Some destinations offer great prices for accommodation and food, which can balance your expenses. So feel free to do the math and compare the destinations to determine where and when to go on vacation without having to go over your budget.

When to go depending on the climate and the seasons?

The climate is also an important factor for the success of your stay. As it varies from country to country, taking a close look at the climate of your destination will help you to determine when to leave so that you can practice your favorite activities.

Thus, in addition to the paradisiac beaches, the good weather, the comfortable heat and the sunny days are determining factors for a vacation in the sun. While for ski holidays, the criteria rather relate to the frequency of snowfall. And depending on the purpose of your trip, a season, apparently unfavorable for one activity may turn out to be the best period for another. Thus, the Iguaçu Falls, straddling Argentina and Brazil, are particularly splendid during the rainy season, when the flow of the river promotes a striking spectacle.

If you like discoveries, far from the crowd of holidaymakers, find out about the tourist season to determine when to go to the country of your choice, off the beaten track.

Consider remoteness and time difference

To choose where to go on vacation, take into account the remoteness and time difference which are determining factors for the success of your stay. If you only have a few days, choose destinations that are close to your home. This will prevent you from wasting time traveling and adjusting due to the time difference.

If you want to travel to long-haul destinations, make sure you have enough time to stay. Because in addition to the time it will take you to travel, you must also experience the effect of time difference. Be aware that your body's adjustment time is approximately one day per hour lag. So, to choose when and where to go, find destinations that allows you to make the most of your time.

Being able to communicate easily with the locals

It is easy to integrate and inform yourself when communication with the premises is easy. In addition to being able to get basic information like asking for directions, you can get a lot of help from locals, like finding great places you don't even know their existence.

So find out what language is spoken in the destinations that interest you and ask yourself if you can communicate easily. In general, having a good knowledge of English, French or Spanish will allow you to make yourself understood easily.

Learn about security measures before choosing a country

To choose where and when to go on a trip, find out about the latest news from the country you want to discover. Ask yourself if it's safe, if it's a good time to travel safely. Find out when to go to avoid natural disasters like typhoons or cyclones. Try to obtain reliable information about the political and social situation in the chosen country and the risks of illness to which you will be exposed.

Getting answers to all of these questions will allow you to better prepare yourself and therefore better cope with all eventualities. If necessary, think about postponing your departure or give it up if the risks are too high. For your safety, keeping yourself informed about the political-socio-economic situation of your destination is a step not to be overlooked, before choosing when and where to go on a trip.

Find out about practical information to enter the chosen country

You pretty much have an idea on where and when to go for your next vacation. But before making your choice, find out about the different formalities for entering the chosen country. You may be asked for papers such as a visa or tourist taxes. So find out about the time it takes to get them. Ask yourself if you have enough time to have everything in hand, before you leave. Also ask yourself if this will not incur any additional costs.

Now that you have an idea on how to choose your destination, do not hesitate to consider all the factors before choosing when and where to go on a trip for a successful stay. And above all, don't forget that the success of your stay also depends on the quality of your preparation.

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